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Police pull python playing mechanic from under the hood

Who you gonna call when the exterminator isn't available? Florida cops were happy to wrestle with a slippery, slithery suspect.


This guy can get into those hard to reach spots under the hood.

YouTube/Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

If you want to be an auto mechanic in Florida and you don't want to tangle with police, you better be sure you have a business license, or at the very least, hands.

That seems to be the message from the Davie Police Department, which hauled an 11-foot reticulated python down to the station after pulling it out of the engine compartment of a Toyota Camry on February 1.

Police posted a video of the serpent online Thursday.

The reptile was originally spotted by Nova Southeastern University student Ross Price as he walked to his roommate's Camry after a long study session. The spooked snake slithered under the car and tried to hide in the engine.

When an exterminator couldn't be reached, police responded to the call instead, according to the Sun-Sentinel newspaper.

The python slithered and twisted its way further around the engine as officers tried to pull it out before it finally relented after about 15 minutes of struggle.

"I thought about it later," Price told the paper. "What if it had crawled up into my car and made its way inside as I was driving?...I don't want to think about it."

Neither do we, Ross, but now the thought is all part of our shared nightmares.

As for the snake, it was turned over to a licensed exotic animals company called Strictly Reptiles. It has no further plans to pursue a career in auto repair.