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Floppytable makes floppies relevant again

The floppy is dead, long live the Floppytable! An industrial-strength coffee table in the shape of a classic floppy will bring back memories of the days before flash drives and cloud computing.

Put your feet up on a Floppytable. Neulant van Exel

Here's a generational test. Look at this table. What do you see? If you see a weird-looking coffee table, then you're young enough to have no idea what a VHS tape or landline telephone is. If you see a floppy disk, then you should probably spend the $930 it takes to get a Floppytable for your living room.

The Floppytable is anything but floppy. It's made from hot-rolled steel and stainless steel, making it much stronger than the plastic originals. The table is nearly 28 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 26 inches tall, so you won't be able to cram it into the floppy slot on your ancient PC.

The retro computer-inspired table comes from Berlin design firm Neulant van Exel. The level of detail is pretty impressive. The shutter slides to reveal a secret compartment for stashing your remote or other goodies. The write protect tab has been "broken off."

As long as we're at it with taking old technology designs and turning them into furniture, I have a few suggestions to complete the living room collection. Let's start with a Mac Classic ottoman and then add some Betamax pillows for the couch. Stylish.

Floppytable close-up
Looks like someone already broke the tab off. Neulant van Exel