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Floppy diskettes reborn in fashion

Recycled and turned into flowers, floppy diskettes find a new home on a bracelet.

Floppy Diskette Bracelet
Discarded floppy diskettes have found a new home on a bracelet. Pure Design Company

Some early computer enthusiasts probably found it sad to witness the demise of the floppy disk. The original 8-inch storage device was made smaller and smaller until it was eventually scrapped in favor of compact discs. But for the sake of recycling and geeky fashion, the floppy diskette has been reborn as a bracelet.

Designed by jewelry maker Oxx-An Alleweireldt, the diskette bracelet takes the shape of a floppy flower sewn onto a cotton band, and it would most likely be seen on the wrists of green fashionistas or computer lovers who'd also don keyboard button earrings or circuitboard cufflinks.

For a price of almost $110, perhaps the bracelet is trendier than it seems. A smaller version is available for $87, and each bracelet is handmade to order.

If you are more into vinyl than computers, Alleweridelt also makes bracelets from old records and conflict-free diamonds, for $218.

(Via Great Green Goods)