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Indian e-tail giant apologises for sexist mass email

A Flipkart exec calls the email -- which states that "beautiful women are more successful in their lives" -- a "big fail" and promises to investigate the matter.

Twitter screenshot by Daniel Van Boom/CNET

A bulk email from popular Indian e-retailer Flipkart struck some customers as blatantly sexist and led to an apology from a company executive.

Exposed in a tweet on Sunday by @hirishitalkies, the email had arrived in her inbox with this opening line: "Research shows that beautiful women are more successful in their lives."

The email continued: "This is because when women improve their appearances, they get noticed, listen to [sic] and eventually respected for their opinion. Such women not only become confident but also remain motivated to perform even better in life."

Flipkart's site, which is registered in Singapore but based in India, is no small e-marketplace. According to the Business Standard, it has a sales target of $8 billion this year .

Best known for selling electronics, Flipkart also sells men and women's clothing, the latter of which may have been what the email was attempting to advertise. The site has deep roots in the India's smartphone market, being the exclusive seller of mobile devices from Motorola and Xolo in the country.

Twitter screenshot by Daniel Van Boom/CNET

"Thanks for this piece of sexist s--- email," @hirishitalkies tweeted.

Punit Soni, the company's chief product officer, tweeted back: "Unconditional apologies. We do not endorse the insensitive remarks in the email. This is a big fail, will not happen again."

He added in another tweet: "We are kicking off a deep review to see what happened." A third apology tweet from him called the content of the email "garbage."

(Via Times Of India)