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Flip your iPhone 5C case to play virtual Connect Four

Flipcase, which uses the new iPhone 5C's punched case, hits the iTunes store. Just tap the holes to place your pieces.

Video screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia

The iPhone 5C comes with a range of brightly colored cases that have holes punched in the back for a vivid effect. One developer team seems to have looked at those holes, though, and thought outside the "blue and green should never be seen" box.

Australians David McKinney and Stuart Hall -- the team behind the Discovr apps -- have made Flipcase: a game that uses the holes in the iPhone 5C's case as the "frame" with which to play Connect Four.

"I was at the Apple Store testing the cases on the demo phones, and the Apple staff guy was like, 'Aah, it's meant to go on the back,'" MicKinley said on Twitter of how he conceived the idea.

To play the game, users tap the holes to place their pieces. You can either play against another player or a computer AI, and you don't technically need the case... but it does put the experience a bit more in line with what we remember from the ol' blue plastic frame.

Flipcase is available now for free in iTunes.

(Source: CNET Australia)