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Flip Video rolls out new HD mini camcorder: The Mino HD

Pure Digital Technologies, the maker of Flip Video mini camcorders, has released a new $229 HD version of the popular Mino.

The Mino HD looks identical to the regular Mino. Pure Digital Technologies

With Kodak and RCA putting out so-called HD versions of their YouTube-friendly mini camcorders, we knew it was only a matter of time before Pure Digital Technologies, the maker of Flip Video mini camcorders, put out an HD model of its own.

Calling it the "world's smallest HD camcorder," the $229 Flip Mino HD looks identical to the standard-definition Flip Mino. It weighs just over 3 ounces, boasts 720p resolution, and has 4GB of memory that allows for 60 minutes of recording time. The release also says that the Flip Mino HD features "all-new built-in FlipShare software for easy saving, organizing and sharing of video from your computer." We're not sure how it's different from the software on the existing Mino, but when we get more details, we'll let you know.

Like the standard Mino, you'll be able to customize the look of the Mino HD at I did an earlier post on the whole customization thing, and the one drawback is that while the service is free, you do pay the full $229 list price for the product. Most likely, the Mino HD will retail for less on Amazon and other online stores--I'd guess $199.

We'll be getting a review unit in the next few days and have a review up soon. Naturally, we're curious to see just how good the video quality is. In reviewing Kodak's Zi6, we had this to say: "The Kodak Zi6 is technically an HD camcorder the way a tomato is technically a fruit: it meets the definition, but doesn't deliver the experience. True, the Zi6 records video in 1,280x720-pixel resolution at both 30 frames per second and 60fps--720p resolution--which technically qualifies it as an HD camcorder, but a lot of factors go into creating an image, not just a CMOS sensor capable of capturing an image at a certain resolution and frame rate." We expect to have a similar experience with the Mino HD, but Pure Digital Technologies has managed to keep the video quality of its mini camcorders slightly ahead of the pack, so maybe the same will prove true here.

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