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FlightCaster predicts flight delays on iPhone, BlackBerry

FlightCaster looks at six factors to help predict flight delays before airlines do.

FlightCaster on iPhone, BlackBerry

There are plenty of ways for frequent travelers to check on their flight's status long before they leave the house or hotel, but fewer that alert you when delays occur, and only one we've seen that predicts airline tardiness.

That app is FlightCaster, which costs $7.99 on iPhone and BlackBerry, with Android support next. FlightCaster predicts flight delays 6 hours before airlines post delay data. FlightCaster works by looking at factors like the local weather at the departure and arrival airports, and if the inbound plane is already delayed.

While the concept applies to everyone, not everyone minds sitting in the airport lounge an extra half-hour or hour. There's quite a bit of missing functionality that FlightCaster co-founder Jason Friedman says the company will address in the next version. Push notification should come soon, as will one-click purchasing for alternative flights. There will also be greater integration with itinerary services like Tripit.

FlightCaster's price point is one that will likely drive away casual travelers, but not corporate or other frequent fliers. Freedman, however, says he expects to knock down the app's price.