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Flight Control lands on Android, costs five times as much as iPhone version

Flight Control, the addictive mobile game that sees you navigating aeroplanes on to a landing strip, is now on Android. But rum news for ro-bros -- it's more expensive than the iPhone version.

Fans of Google's magic green robot can now download the popular Flight Control for Android devices. But rum news for ro-bros -- it'll cost just a shade over £3 to download, while the iOS version for the iPhone and iPod touch costs just 60p. 

We're certainly fickle beasts when it comes to mobile games -- we might be getting our knickers in a twist over Angry Birds and Infinity Blade, but not so long ago it was the incredible Flight Control from developer Firemint that was tickling our touchscreens as the app de rigeur.

Flight Control is a frantic little game that involves safely landing an endless stream of jets, planes and helicopters without anything crashing. If planes collide, it's game over, and the longer you manage to survive, the faster the planes keep coming. It's a true test of your reflexes.

The news that the game will be more expensive on Android is puzzling and disappointing -- Angry Birds is free on the platform, even if you do have to put up with a couple of ads, and Flight Control is getting a little long in the tooth.

Plus there's the fact that in Flight Control's long absence from Android, a tonne of imitation games have sprung up that offer similar vehicle-management kicks for free. Only die-hard fans of the original will be comfortable shelling out.

Incidentally, Crave's resident mobile phone guru Flora Graham is prodigiously good at Flight Control, but she won't share her secret...

You can download Flight Control for Android here.