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Flickr's Uploadr 3.0 beta offers more control

A new version of Flickr's upload tool lets photographers control individual photo settings more closely.

Flickr's new Uploadr 3.0 beta lets users change the order of photos, among other things. Stephen Shankland/CNET Networks

Flickr has begun public testing of a new version of its Uploadr tool to send pictures to its online photo-sharing site.

The new version gives more elaborate control over photos before they're uploaded, said Flickr's Robert Crowley in a Flickr forum posting announcing Uploadr 3.0 beta software Monday. The Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site posted a second beta Wednesday that fixed several issues.

"With this version you can select any number of photos and add titles, tags, descriptions, sets, and privacy data for those photos. You can also drag your photos into a different order," Crowley said.

Alas, though, it seems there's no mechanism for setting geoprivacy, which governs who can see where on a map your photo was taken, if you're among those who takes the trouble to geotag your photo and set Flickr to capture the data when you upload.

The beta software is available as a downloaded for Windows and Mac OS X.