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Fleximus camera perfect for plumbers

Fleximus is a concept camera with a flexible tube lens. It's very simple, bendable and might one day be the perfect gift for plumbers.

Art Lebedev Studio

The Fleximus is a twisty concept camera from Art Lebedev Studio, generator of such innovative ideas as transparent trucks and the Optimus Maximus keyboard.

Art Lebedev Studio

The Fleximus is a tubular, flexible photo and video camera with a lens at one end and viewfinder or a 3-inch display at the other.

The device is designed to be as simple as possible, with few controls. Natch, since the motto of Art Lebedev Studio is "No bullsh--."

The Fleximus is also meant to get those photo angles you never could before, though it seems less practical than, say, a more compact camera you can simply aim at anything.

But it may be perfect for plumbers angling through pipes, nooks, and crannies--rovided, that is, it ever becomes a product and gets a much longer tube.

There is a neat page of designs showing how the Fleximus was created here.