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Flexicord: Finally, an HDMI cable that stays put

If you need an HDMI cable that does what it's told, rather than acting like a petulent child in a supermarket, you might rather enjoy the Flexicord, which obeys your commands

The back of a television can be a minefield, and they are almost always a total mess. This year at CES though, a company called Flexicord thinks it might be able to despaghettify your living room. Using some clever patent-pending technology, its HDMI cables can be coiled, twisted or bent to fit your home cinema.

Unlike most cables, which will unravel pretty much straight away, the Flexicord will remember the position you put it in, and hold it for all eternity.

What really caught our eye about this cable is how much neater the back of your TV will be. The main advantage is that, if you buy a 10m cable, but only need it to go 5m, you could simply make a coil at one end.

The demo we saw had the cable wrapped into the shape of a spring. That means that you could even use it to keep your other cables in place, by placing them through the middle. If you aren't already sold at this point, we're very surprised.

Also, because they curl up, you could wrap them around a plant or small tree in your house and use them to scare people with ophidiophobia. You could also stretch a cable out to its full length, and use it to poke friends and family when you need a snack or the remote control. The possibilities are quite frankly brilliant, and we can't wait for these cables to come to the UK.

The 3m HDMI cable we looked at here retails for around $20, which means it will probably cost £20 when it lands in the UK. There is more info about this, and Flexicord's other cables, on its Web site.