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Flaunt your fanboyishness in Nintendo's new video contest

Nintendo's Short Cuts Showcase contest lets gamers submit their Nintendo-themed videos for a chance at a New York screening.

Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase

Nintendo is giving fanboy filmmakers a chance to shine, with its Short Cuts Showcase contest. Grab a camcorder (or animation software) and produce a Nintendo-themed video, then submit it to the contest site by June 6. The three best videos will be screened at Rockefeller Center's film showcase, June 19-22. The creator of the top-rated video will receive $10,000 and a trip to New York City for the screening, a meeting Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Craig Haktoff, plus a Nintendo Wii, a DS Lite, and games for both systems. The second and third place winners will get a Nintendo Wii and games, and seven runners-up will get a DS Lite and games. Just remember this important fact: There's more to Nintendo's characters and games than Mario. Not EVERY video has to be about the world-famous plumber. Make a video with Link! Or Kirby! Or even Fox McCloud! Just mix it up a little, guys.