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Flaunt your bling with a Vertu phone

If you feel like dropping several thousand dollars on a cell phone, a Vertu store awaits you in Las Vegas.

Now that's splurging. Kent German/CNET Networks

You know you're in an expensive shopping mall when even at the cell phone store you can't afford anything. While walking through the posh Wynn Hotel at CTIA, I stopped by the Vertu store to gawk with the other tourists. Of course, Vertu is Nokia's ultraluxury handset line with design accents such as gold plating, leather skins, and real diamonds. They can run in the five-digit range, but in all seriousness, if you have to ask how much they cost, you probably can't afford them. The store's formidable staff discouraged extended browsing, but I recommend a stop at a Vertu store for any serious cell phone nut. Personally, I'd never spend several months salary on a cell phone, but it just goes to show that whatever you're into, there's a market.