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Flatbed scanner rocks 'Little Drummer Boy'

An old HP scanner and a snare drum get all pa-ra-pum-pum-pum for the holidays.

Screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

A few months ago we checked out a tribute to "Star Wars" by two old floppy drives. And although it's after Christmas, we thought we'd inflict some seasonal hardware harmonies on your eardrums.

Drumming is the theme with this project from YouTube user BD594 in Toronto. BD has rigged an old HP flatbed scanner and a robotic snare drum to crank out a charming version of the Christmas classic "The Little Drummer Boy."

Check out the vid below. The duo is no Bing Crosby and David Bowie, but it's quite a feat considering BD didn't use floppy drives.

"The problem with a flatbed scanner is moving the large carriage head. It was not designed to move quickly and when it is playing music you will notice the head changes directions," writes BD.

"As the notes are playing, the carriage head has to periodically change direction and this can add many seconds to a 3- or 4-minute song. This takes extra programming to compensate for these delays."

BD is an old hand at creating machine music and robotic musicians. BD's repertoire of covers includes the Animals, Marilyn Manson, the B-52's, as well as Queen.

Hearing "Bohemian Rhapsody" on an Atari 800xl, an oscilloscope, and that old HP ScanJet 3C always brings a tear to my eye.

(Via WebProNews)