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Flashlight wants to hug you around the neck

A flashlight you can wear around your neck offers great lighting for reading at night.

Even when the lighting is fine, you might still want to wear the HUGlight just because it's wearable and it's got "HUG" in its name. Dong Ngo/CNET

I was playing cards with some friends the other night and the power went out. Fortunately, we got a few flashlights and were able to continue the game, but not without some level of awkwardness as it was hard to hold the light in one hand and deal the cards with the other.

Things could have gone a lot more smoothly, however, if we had a few of the flashlights I just got in.

The HUGlight comes in different colors.

It's aptly called the HUGlight. Unlike most traditional flashlights, the HUGLight is a malleable steel alloy wire stick, covered with thick soft foam rubber, with light coming out from both ends.

You can bend it into different shapes to give you hands-free, hassle-free lighting. The best application is probably to wear it around your neck when reading or, in my case, playing cards. It can also be wrapped around objects or coiled to stand on any flat surface.

Each end of the HUGlight is equipped with a spotlight and a wide-angle LED. These two can be turned on and off separately to give you better control over the level of lighting. When both are turned on, they provide a wide-area illumination with stereoscopic light, shining up to 50 lumens.

This is a level of lighting that's perfect for reading but not bright enough to play detective with. For example, it's not something you can rely on when walking on a slippery path at night.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the HUGlight can provide up to 40 hours of illumination. It's available in a rainbow of colors and measures 6.25 inches by 12.65 inches by 1.4 inches and weighs less than half a pound. If the color is right, it actually looks good wrapped around your neck, which is why it's too bad it's something not designed to be used during the day.

The HUGlight is available for purchase now and costs just $14.95.