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Flashlight DVR brings us closer to living out our 007 fantasies

Swann announces its all-in-one flashlight, camera, and DVR

The FlashlightDVR awaiting upload to The Matrix Swann

Well, maybe not quite 007. I mean, for one thing, could you imagine James Bond walking around with a huge flashlight sticking out of his back pocket? Well, maybe the Timothy Dalton 007, but he was never that cool to begin with. Dalton did redeem himself in my eyes with Hot Fuzz, however.

Anyway, before this becomes a huge diatribe about how Daniel Craig is second only to Sean Connery as the best Bond, let's get back to the issue at hand. Swann Communications, a company that specializes in security monitoring devices, today announced a covert surveillance tool, the FlashlightDVR. The tool combines a working flashlight (with three degrees of brightness), color camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) all in one. In addition to being able to take pics, the FlashlightDVR also records video in one of two ways. Either internally, via the included 128MB flash memory, or externally through an SD card which is sold separately. The DVR in the device uses MPEG4 and records at a resolution of 640x480. The recorded content can be transferred to a PC via the embedded USB port. The camera also includes a night-vision mode, which is appropriate if you're a Cheaters staff member waiting to record a late-night hookup. There is also a built-in mic if you need just that much more incriminating evidence.

LCD schematics Swann

At the top of the flashlight are all the controls a poor man's James Bond would need. This includes an LCD screen that gives info on everything from the SD card storage capacity to the battery charging status and several one-touch control buttons for recording, turning on the flashlight and taking snapshots. The flashlight can be powered by either three C-size batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Conveniently the flashlight includes a Ni-MH charger with a 12V input.

This is undeniably cool as potentially creepy as it is Swann

According to Swann, the device is being aimed at police, security guards and PI's, however I feel they're missing their biggest potential market--uber-creepy creeps--as long as they can afford the $500 price tag. Still as potentially creepy as this device is, the idea is undeniably cool and should fit nicely on my belt.