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"Flash"-y new Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile out on Feb. 21

T-Mobile making a big marketing push with its D-Wade limited edition during the NBA All-Star weekend.

So the rumors are true: Dwyane Wade is adding cell-phone designer to his resume.

Already an NBA champion with the Miami Heat, a shoe designer for Converse, and currently working on a line of athletic clothing that will also bear his name, Wade is apparently the first pro athlete to have a hand in designing a piece of consumer electronics hardware.

T-Mobile Sidekick 3, D-Wade Edition

The T-Mobile Sidekick 3, D-Wade Edition is set to hit shelves Feb. 21 for $399, or $299 with a two-year contract. That's $100 more than the other Sidekick 3 phones. Maybe that's because Wade actually picked out a lot of the details for it.

T-Mobile Sidekick 3, D-Wade Edition

He seemed to take his nickname, "Flash," given to him by teammate Shaquille O'Neal, pretty literally here. In an interview, Wade told me he chose the gold-and-white motif because it's "Miami-ish" and reminded him of a Bugatti, a car he really likes. The back of the phone has a soft, pebble texture, which is meant to feel like a basketball.

D-Wade sounded like he's stoked about moonlighting as a fashion and lifestyle mogul.

"It's something I'm already apart of," he said. "I design shoes, I have my own clothing line coming out. I want to do more that has to do with lifestyle and clothing, put my creative mind to work."

So what are his fashion credentials, exactly? He was named the NBA's best-dressed athlete by GQ last year. Now that's an accomplishment.