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Flash Player 10.1: More mobiles to become full flashers

Adobe promises to bring Flash movies and games to your phone with the announcement of the latest version of Flash Player for a bundle of mobile operating systems

Keep your pants on -- Adobe is launching full Flash Player support on a whole heap of mobile phones. The idea is that the whiz-bang Flash videos and games we love to play on our PCs will look just as good on the ever-more stunning screens of our smart phones.

Flash Player 10.1 is on its way for Windows Mobile, Palm webOS (which powers the Palm Pre), Google Android and Symbian (which runs on Nokia phones).

We have high hopes this new version of Flash will be a major improvement over the Flash Lite we've seen on phones up till now, which is often jerky and unreliable. It should also lead to more and better content becoming available for phones, since developers can put out the same stuff for mobiles as for PCs and netbooks.

Adobe says a beta version of Flash Player 10.1 will be out later this year for WinMo, Palm and PC operating systems, with Android and Symbian versions following early next year. BlackBerry support should follow, but it hasn't yet made a date.

The bells and whistles of Flash could drain the life out of phone batteries faster than a vampire snacking on a gerbil, but Adobe claims it will work with your phone's graphics gubbins to conserve battery life and keep things running smoothly. It will also be able to use mobile-specific features such as multi-touch, gestures and the accelerometer.

We were seduced by Adobe geek dreamboat Adrian Ludwig showing off full Flash on the HTC Hero when it came out, but in our tests, the quality was never good enough to get us playing Flash games for real. Ludwig's back with this demo of Flash 10.1 running on the Palm Pre, and we hope it lives up to its promise when we put it through its paces when it's released.