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Flash memory news from SanDisk and Lexar

Flash memory news from SanDisk and Lexar

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SanDisk is doubling the capacity of its high-performance flash memory, and Lexar is doubling the performance of its high-capacity flash memory, according to announcements the two flash-memory makers made Monday.

SanDisk's Extreme III series of flash-memory cards will soon be available in 8GB capacity starting in March. SanDisk estimates that the 8GB cards will retail for more than $550 but promises that they will offer burst transfer speeds of as fast as 18MB per second for Memory Stick Pro Duo cards and 20MB per second for CompactFlash and Secure Digital cards. SanDisk is also doubling the capacity of its Ultra II SD Plus memory cards, which are Secure Digital cards with built-in USB jacks. The new 2GB Ultra II SD Plus card ships in June and will retail for around $135.

Lexar has announced that it will double the speed of its Professional 8GB CompactFlash card to 90X. Lexar claims that the upgraded card will offer a minimum sustained write speed of 13.5MB per second. The new version of the card will start shipping in June, likely somewhere around the old version's suggested retail price of $1,000.