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Flash! Hyperic acquires OpenNMS to get vigintillions of customers

This is not a real story. There was no acquisition.

It's not just the big kids anymore. In JBoss-esque fashion, Hyperic just announced the acquisition of OpenNMS, a leading network management platform. Not content to compete anymore, the two decided to throw in the towel and make love, not war.


When pressed for comment, John Mark Walker, community lead at Hyperic, offered the following:

We look forward to the first release of the HyperNMS product, codenamed Tofu Bar-B-Que, which is just the sort of interoperability only possible between two open-source projects.

I can feel the synergies raging!

(And yes, it's a joke. I was taken in at first, what with the ol' synergy thing raging and all, but alas, Hyperic will remain Hyperic, to diminish and go into the East. Or maybe to rise triumphant and continue to fight the good fight.)