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Fixing the iTunes 8/iPhone blue screen of death

Fixing the iTunes 8/iPhone blue screen of death

Several users have reported an issue in which connection of an iPhone or iPod touch to a Windows Vista system running iTunes 8 results in a blue screen of death (BSOD).

Two potential fixes for this issue have emerged.

Apple Discussions poster marinesgt suggests:

"I was able to stop the BSOD's from happening on my Vista 32 bit desktop and keep itunes 8. If you have a machine running the latest version of iTunes 7 (on Vista), just copy the usbaapl.sys from system32\drivers to the same location on your desktop. You may have/want to rename the current uasaapl.sys on your machine first. But after I did that I was able to reinstall iTunes 8 and synchronize my iPhone without any BSOD's."

Another process that has worked for some users:

  1. Disconnect your iPhone/iPod touch from the computer
  2. In Vista Programs and Features (Control Panel), Uninstall the Apple Mobile Device Support
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Download the iTunes 7.7 installer
  5. Open the iTunes 7.7 installation exe with Winzip or WinRAR, and reinstall only the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.MSI
  6. Reboot your system
  7. Reconnect your iPhone/iPod touch