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Fixes and execs for Radnet

Radnet fixes their WebShare groupware so that it works with Windows NT 4.0 and brought two executives in from competitor Lotus.

Radnet announced today both minor upgrades to its groupware development application WebShare and major additions to its executive office.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based start-up released WebShare in June as an intranet-based competitor to Lotus Notes, which allows corporate users to share information through databases, email, and threaded discussions over a proprietary network. The new iteration, WebShare 1.1, makes the product work with Windows NT 4.0. It also allows for more refined user preferences and fixes unspecified bugs, said Andrew Ressler, the company's chief technology officer.

Joining Radnet's team are chief executive officer Don Bulens and vice president of business development Steve Hochschild, both formerly with Lotus Development.

WebShare is composed of three parts: a server that includes a Spyglass Web server and Sybase database engine; a set of application templates including discussion groups, a contact manager, and a newsletter; and a visual design tool to customize starter applications or create new ones.

WebShare 1.1 is available as a free download on the company's Web site.

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