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Don't Force it! Fix it with this 'Star Wars' multi-tool

Wookiee mechanics, droids and humans alike will find this Millennium Falcon-shaped tool kit from ThinkGeek can get the job done.

This Star Wars tool kit from ThinkGeek is the most useful hunk of junk in the galaxy.


Anyone who's watched "Star Wars" knows the Millennium Falcon spaceship malfunctions frequently, often at the worst time possible for Han Solo and Chewbacca. Maybe if the pair had a multi-tool handy, they would have been in better shape.

This Millennium Falcon multi-tool ($29.99, £24, AU$41) from ThinkGeek does a lot more than previously-licensed Star Wars multi-tools that served mostly as bottle openers and envelopes.

ThinkGeek's s multi-tool is shaped like the Millennium Falcon and comes with four hex keys, two screwdrivers (one flat-head, one Phillips-head), and an adjustable wrench.

The hex keys are tucked in the aft underside of the ship, while the screwdrivers insert into its sides. The wrench is adjusted by a wheel located in the center of the Falcon.

While it might not fix your hyperdrive, this multi-tool fits in your hand and can help with smaller projects around the house. Leave the bigger mechanical problems to R2-D2.