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Five smart LED TVs under $1,000

If you're looking for a television with slimline looks, "smarts," and performance for a budget price, then here are five LED TVs for under a grand.

Where the first LCD TVs used fluorescent tubes to light the screen, newer models have come along calling themselves "LED TVs," which, as the name suggests, use light-emitting diodes for illumination.

The two main advantages of LEDs are lower energy usage and that they can be built into very small enclosures. The slimline models here have the added incentive of smart TV capabilities: movies, music, and Web applications.

So if you're looking to spend not much money on a new, thin TV, the magical $1,000 barrier now marks off some decent-quality models. The TVs we've selected are all available for under a grand, and range in size between 40 inches and 47 inches. Of the two favorites, the LG LW5600 and the Samsung D6400, the LG gets the nod because of its accurate colors and larger screen size.

LG 47LW5600 (47-inch LED)
While passive 3D has its flaws, the LG LW5600's 2D picture quality is very good for an edge-lit LED-based LCD TV, especially in bright rooms. (This one's right on the brink of $1,000, depending on where and when you look). Read the full review.

Samsung UN40D6400

Samsung UN40D6400 (40-inch)
Solid overall 2D and 3D picture quality, as well as a wealth of features and beautiful looks, make the Samsung UND6400 one of the better edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs we've tested. The downside? It's only 40 inches. Read the full review.

LG Infinia 47LV5500 (47-inch)
Not to be confused with the 3D LW5600, the 2D-only LV5500 is a decent performer at its price level and features a great Smart TV package, but paying a little more for a different model would reap big rewards. Read the full review.

Toshiba 47TL515 (47-inch)
Although its attractive features, design, and passive 3D have merit, the picture-quality issues of the Toshiba TL515U LED-based LCD TV lessen its appeal in the face of the stiff competition. Read the full review.

Sony Bravia KDL-46EX523 (46-inch)
The Sony EX523 series produces a solid, workmanlike picture at a price that competes well against similarly featured LED TVs. Read the full review.

Looking for specs and more information? Compare these TVs head-to-head. Click through to the reviews for additional screen sizes.

Only TVs we've actually reviewed made the list, but if you have an alternate to suggest, leave a comment.