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Five sign firewall deal

A tiny Israeli start-up signs five major Internet firewall vendors to help keep hostile Java applets from wreaking havoc on their networks.

A tiny Israeli start-up has signed five major Internet firewall vendors to help keep hostile Java applets from wreaking havoc on their networks.

Finjan Software, which opened U.S. offices in Silicon Valley this week, today announced agreements to integrate its SurfinGate technology to block hostile applets with Check Point Software Technologies' (CHKPF) FireWall-1, Raptor Systems' (RAPT) Eagle firewall, Trusted Information Systems' (TISX) Gauntlet firewalls, Canadian firm Milkyway Networks' Black Hole firewall, and Network-1 Software and Technology's Fire Wall/Plus.

In addition, Finjan intends to work with Digital Equipment (DEC) to integrate Finjan's applet-scanning technology into its AltaVista firewalls and with VeriSign to incorporate its digital IDs into SurfinGate.

"We believe content examination is the way to protect users from hostile applets. We are like a 24-hour guard and alarm system," Lior Arussy, Finjan's vice president of sales and marketing, told CNET. "These alliances are part of our move to establish our technology as the de facto standard in Java security."

"Finjan provides an extra layer of security for Java applications that can be built into an enterprise security policy using the APIs for our security platform," Check Point spokesman Emily Cohen told CNET.

Finjan's individual SurfinShield and network SurfinGate products combine a database of known hostile Java applets, which it blocks from downloading onto a PC hard drive or network, and scanning every incoming applet to determine whether it is hostile. Finjan is seeking a patent on its technology, which it describes as an "enterprise-level firewall."

SurfinShield, designed for single desktops and scheduled to ship next month, will be listed at $99 but can be downloaded for a few more days for $49 from Finjan's Web site. Network product SurfinGate, now in final beta testing, will be licensed on a per user basis, starting with ten users for $1,250 up to $18,000 for unlimited users.