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Five more must-have freebies for the iPhone and iPod touch

The App Store is home to some surprisingly good freeware. Here's a look at five more winners.

Aurora Feint is almost too good to be free. iTunes

Let's hear it for software developers who don't charge for their work. Witness these five excellent apps for the iPhone 3G and updated iPod touch, then check out five more freebies you'll definitely want to install. (As before, all links will take you directly to the iTunes Store.)

  • Aurora Feint Bejeweled meets Bard's Tale in this amazingly polished puzzle/RPG game.
  • and Pandora Tired of your own music library? Name a favorite artist and these two apps will build you a custom radio station, then stream tunes over 3G or Wi-Fi. I can't pick a winner; they're both awesome.
  • Morocco Play the classic game of Othello against your iPhone/touch or another person. Morocco also helps beginners learn the game by showing possible moves.
  • reQall A combination to-do list and reminder service, reQall lets you type or say something you need to remember. Then, at the appropriate time, the app issues a reminder via voice, text message, instant message, e-mail, or calendar alert. Sweet!
  • Writing Pad Promising a better way to take notes, WritingPad employs ShapeWriter technology, which lets you enter text by tracing out "word shapes" on a virtual keyboard. It works remarkably well.
What great freebies have you installed? Hit the Comments and name your favorites.