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Five heavily discounted iPhone games

Short on cash? Fear not. I've rounded up five (actually, six) entertaining games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, all of them discounted by at least 40 percent.

Save 50 percent on the Bike or Die-inspired Moto X Mayhem.

Nothing beats a good iPhone game when you've got five minutes to kill (or pummel, as it were).

Much as I love freebies, sometimes you have to pony up to get the games you want. Fortunately, even the top titles occasionally go on sale, as with these five gems:

  • Fist of Fury Boxing: Normally $4.99, this Nintendo 64-style slugfest is on sale for just 99 cents.
  • Galaga Remix: Includes both the original arcade classic and the amped-up "remix" version, which features power-ups, boss fights, and the like. It's on sale for $2.99, normally $5.99. Same goes for Dig Dug Remix.
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch: Marked down to $2.99 from $7.99, the console classic is widely regarded as one of the top iPhone shooters.
  • Moto X Mayhem: This motocross-inspired take on the classic Bike or Die relies heavily on accelerometer controls and features an online leaderboard. It's now 99 cents (down a buck).
  • NFL 2010: Save three bucks on this Madden-style football sim, currently on sale for $4.99.

Have you found any good sales lately? Civilization for $4.99 was hard to beat, but it's back up to $9.99 (rats). Share your favorite game deals in the comments.