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Five-deal Wednesday: Free storage, free photo poster, free Amazon app credit, and more!

The "more" part includes a 22-inch LCD monitor for $109.99 and a couple of sweet indie-game bundles (PC) for $9.99 apiece. Great day to be a deal-hunter!

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? MiMedia offers 7GB of online storage, no strings attached.
Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? MiMedia offers 7GB of online storage, no strings attached. Screenshot by Rick Broida

I know "Five-deal Wednesday" doesn't have nearly the same ring as "Five-deal Friday," and believe me, there's nothing I like better than an alliterative headline. But when so many awesome deals pile up on the same day, sometimes you just have to cut loose your alliterative leanings.

Sigh. If only grammar rodeos were real.

Anyway, today I've got three (three!) freebies, a dirt-cheap monitor, and a couple of sweet game bundles. Read on:

1. Wal-Mart wants you to know that in addition to regular old 4x6-inch prints, its photo department offers big ol' posters. And to prove it, Walmart is offering a free 16x20-inch photo poster--complete with same-day pickup. Just print the coupon, order your poster online, then head to your nearest 'mart.

2. Good news, Android device users: Amazon is offering a free $2 Appstore credit when you link your account to Twitter. That won't buy you more than an app or two, but, hey, free is free, right?

3. I'm a big fan of online storage, especially when it's free. MiMedia offers a free 7GB cloud-storage account, one that's built with media and media-streaming in mind (but just as well-suited to everyday data backups). Great place to store your photos, videos, MP3s, and the like.

4. In the market for a new monitor? Why spend $150 or more when TigerDirect has the I-Inc IP221DBB 22-inch LCD for $109.99, plus $9.56 for shipping? This is a 1080p monitor with VGA and DVI inputs and an average 4.6-star rating from more than100 buyers.

5. Finally, if you love games, you probably know that some of the best stuff comes from indie developers. For a limited time, Steam has the Indie Strategy Bundle and Indie 2D Bundle for $9.99 each. Each bundle comes with five games, and each normally sells for around $50. I'm torn: the former includes Defense Grid: The Awakening, while the latter comes with World of Goo--two of my all-time favorites. Decisions, decisions.

I suppose after all that, you'll still be wanting a bonus deal. Dang, people, can't get a cheapskate get a break for 5 minutes?! 

Bonus deal: Talk about the ultimate freebie: Amazon just unveiled library lending for Kindle, meaning you can now check out e-books from your local library (most of them, anyway). Of course, Nook users have enjoyed this capability for a long while, but I'm glad to see it's finally here for Kindle as well. Libraries rule!