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Five-deal Friday: Save big on storage, games, Wi-Fi, and more

If one deal is good, five must be better, right? I've got a free e-book, a dirt-cheap terabyte hard drive, $25 restaurant gift certificates for a buck, and more!

This is quite possibly the cheapest 1TB hard drive in the history of hard drives.
This is quite possibly the cheapest 1TB hard drive in the history of hard drives. Newegg

I really wasn't intending to write up five different deals today, but I just couldn't settle on one. Take a look:

1. Newegg has a Samsung 1-terabyte internal SATA hard drive for $41.99 (plus around $7 for shipping). That is just... just... words fail me. Granted, this is an open-box, bare-bones drive, meaning you don't get so much as a SATA cable along with it. But I've never seen a lower price on a terabyte. Wow.

2. Want to upgrade the Wi-Fi performance of an older laptop or desktop? Meritline has the Tenda W311U 802.11n USB adapter for $8.99 shipped.

3. Like World War II-era shooters? Stardock is offering Medal of Honor: Airborne (PC) for $4.99. Gamespot says the game starts off slow, but later gets cooking--and offers solid multiplayer action. I say: five bucks? How can you go wrong?

4. Like to read? E-book seller Wowio is offering Brian James Freeman's horror novel "The Painted Darkness" free of charge. It's provided as a PDF, meaning you should be able to read it on the platform of your choice. The hardcover sells for $13.49 at Amazon (where, incidentally, the book received about a dozen very positive reviews).

5. This isn't a tech deal, but today only, is offering $25 gift certificates for $1 when you use coupon code WOW at checkout. Wow, indeed! (Actually, the 90-percent discount applies to any gift certificate, not just the $25 ones.)

By the way, if you're interested in business gear, check out my roundup of the five best business gadgets to buy at Wal-Mart. Some mighty fine deals there as well. Have a good weekend!