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FitDesk: Workouts for workaholics

Don't have time for the gym? No worries. The FitDesk lets you work out while at work, and you don't even have to change out of your khakis or jeans.

Burn calories while building PowerPoint presentations with the FitDesk. Reno Innovations

With many of us spending more than 40 hours per week at work, you might be having a hard time fitting exercise into your daily routine, but a company called Revo Innovations thinks it has the solution with a contraption called the FitDesk.

The FitDesk is a foldable stationary bike that brings the gym to your office. Instead of traditional handlebars, the bike features a padded deck, where you can place your laptop and continue to work, surf the Web, or play games (in case you're not a treadmill fan), all while pedaling away the calories. Resistance controls also allow you to intensify your workouts as you pore over those Excel spreadsheets.

The company says the FitDesk's belt-driven design ensures that it's quiet, so you don't bother your cube mates, though we can't guarantee that you won't get some weird looks around the office. Once you're done, you can just fold up the bike and store the 33-pound machine away until next time.

The FitDesk is currently priced at $229.99 with free shipping, but might we suggest something that's also healthy and won't cost you a dime? Give yourself a break and go outside for a nice walk. Those spreadsheets will be there when you get back.