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​Fitbit wants to help you get a better night's sleep

An update to the Fitbit app adds new features to existing trackers that aim to improve sleep habits.


A new feature inside of the Fitbit app looks to help improve the sleep habits of millions of Fitbit owners. While a majority of the company's products already offer sleep tracking and let users create custom sleep goals, a new Sleep Schedule will now allow for even more control.

The new feature, which will arrive today as part of an update to the Fitbit app, adds bedtime and wakeup targets to help establish consistency and bedtime reminders to push you stay on schedule. Sleep goals have also been revamped and will now be personalized based on your sleep data.

All of this is in addition to existing features, such as viewing how long you've slept, the efficiency of that sleep and how frequently you woke up.

The Sleep Schedule, which Fitbit has said is the first in a series of new sleep features coming to devices, was developed in collaboration sleep experts from the University of Arizona, Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University.

The new features are compatible with all Fitbit devices capable of tracking sleep. That includes the Fitbit Blaze, Alta, Charge HR, Surge, Charge, Flex and One.

The updated Fitbit app will be available today in Apple's App Store and Google Play.