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Fist pump! All your 'Jersey Shore' finale tweets

The reality show sensation's finale is on Thursday night, and MTV is tapping into the hard-core Twitter buzz surrounding its success.

What would Snooki tweet? A Twitter promo from MTV's "Jersey Shore" crunches the numbers. MTV

When the biggest pop-culture sensation on television details the adventures of a bunch of loudmouthed, lowbrow twentysomethings, of course the buzz on Twitter is going to be a big deal.

So for the Thursday season finale of MTV's "Jersey Shore," the network has launched a "Twitter Tracker" to see which of the reality show's excessively tanned, middle-finger-flipping cast members are getting talked about the most.

Created in sync with social-media firm Radian 6, the tweet aggregator brings up extremely scientific graphs pulling in data for Twitter searches for the show's characters so that you can compare whether there's more buzz about "Snooki" or "The Situation."

In case that simply isn't enough, there's also a "Jersey Shore Yourself" game, in which you can create your own Seaside Heights-worthy custom avatar.

None of it makes much sense to me, though: I have never seen this show. (I grew up in Jersey; trust me, I've seen more than enough of "The Situation's" counterparts in real life.) But to "Jersey Shore" and MTV's credit, it has built up some seriously legit Twitter buzz, particularly because several members of the cast are avid tweeters themselves.

A few of the people I follow seem to have a thing for retweeting "Snooki," who has amassed more than 80,000 followers and produces some sub-140-character gems like "tonight is the season finale of jersey shore! but we'll still be fist pumpin n snookin the night."

Uh, OK.