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Fisheye camera distorts your view of the world

An artist's take on a fisheye lens.

Fisheye funcam camera
FunCam Yanko Design

Designer Jian Guan is a self-professed fan of distortion caused by fisheye lenses. To him, pictures taken with these optics show more of the environment and can be useful for 3D rendering. This is probably why he formulated the Fun Camera.

Shaped like a magnifying glass, the shooter houses a 16-millimeter lens and has a mirror so you can take distorted self-portraits. While it does have its entertainment value, we see some practical use for it: Real estate agents can use the Fun Camera and snap a shot that shows much more view of the room, though the distorted walls may disturb some potential buyers.

Other specifications were not stated, and going from the looks of it, we think this design will remain in the conceptual stage for some time.

(Via Crave Asia)