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First trailer for Netflix Apostle movie looks bloody terrifying

Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens leaves the manor life behind in this grim and gruesome movie about a sadistic cult.

Matthew Crawley, is that you? Actor Dan Stevens, who played well-mannered Matthew on Downton Abbey, stars in the new Netflix movie Apostle, and Lady Mary would faint dead away if she saw what he's getting up to now. The new trailer, released Monday, is bloody terrifying.

Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, who in 1905 travels to a remote island to rescue his sister from a religious cult. But this is no pray-and-drink-the-Flavor-Aid cult. This is a torturey, sadistic bunch. The trailer features creepy masks, cave drawings, sacrificial altars and way more gore than plot. That rusty drill thing looks like it makes a pretty bad ear cleaner, too. 

Michael Sheen plays the evil prophet, and the film is written and directed by Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans, who made 2011's The Raid. 

Apostle hits Netflix on Oct. 12.