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First third-party iPhone app: A shopping list

OneTrip, created by designer Neven Mrgan, will allow future iPhone users to create a simple grocery list on their device. Until the phone is released on June 29, eager shoppers can save their lists as a cookie.

OneTrip will allow iPhone users to create shopping lists with the touch screen.

It only runs on Safari--and no one but Apple knows if it'll actually run on the iPhone, because JavaScript support is still a mystery--but the first third-party application built with the iPhone in mind is freely available.

OneTrip, a simple JavaScript shopping list builder that runs only on Safari, was created by designer Neven Mrgan. You can download Safari here to test out the application.

According to Mrgan's Twitter page, the app existed as early as May 31. That's either tremendous foresight by Mrgan, amazing luck that Apple announced Safari as the official iPhone app engine yesterday at WWDC, or some combination of the two.

The app itself is straightforward: you pick from basic categories such as "Fruit," "Veggies," "Meat and Seafood," and "Drinks," which then brings up a list of more specific items. Click an item, and it's added to your shopping list. Not mind-boggling, for sure, but it is extremely useful.

The iPhone itself won't be released until June 29, but OneTrip can save your shopping list as a cookie. Thanks to that, you can start prepping for your iPhone's first trip to the grocery store right now...if you can afford groceries, of course, after buying an iPhone.

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