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First test tube burger backed by Google boss in Podcast 351

The first lab-grown test tube burger is a tasty treat at £215,000, served up by Google's Sergey Brin.

It's alive! The first artificial meat has been presented for a taste test this week, after Google boss Sergey Brin backed a £215,000 Frankenburger.

The lab-grown patty could be the answer to climate change and world hunger. But does the thought of cloned food leave a nasty taste in our mouths?

Also on the menu is the news that Vodafone and O2 are sinking their teeth into 4G, Samsung's bizarre desert island challenge, and other bite-sized morsels of technology news and gossip.

All this is served up with a side dish of your questions and comments. Is it true that gadgets are covered by a two-year warranty under EU law? Will the Xbox One get its just desserts? And what are the best waffles: savoury or sweet?

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