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First shots we've spotted of an iPad game

Kotaku gives us a first look at iPhone game Zen Bound, which is being ported over to the iPad.

Secret Exit, maker of the popular and very odd iPhone game Zen Bound, announced Friday that not only is it porting the title to the iPad, but it's enhancing the game for the new hardware and including new levels and controls.

Zen Bound 2 is being billed as "both a sequel and a revision" to the original, which sounds interesting. Rebooting games for the iPad seems like a no-brainer for iPhone game developers, and Apple has said that it expects many developers to create updated versions of their games to take advantage of the tablet's larger display.

There's been lots of anticipation around the arrival of iPad games, but this is the first set of actual screenshots of such a game we've seen (hat tip to Kotaku, which on Friday printed a bunch of work-in-progress images provided by Secret Exit).

In Zen Bound, wooden sculptures are entangled in a piece of rope, and you rotate the objects in various ways to "free" them from the ties that bind them. It's a zen-like exercise that's supposed to calm you and help you reflect. And playing this on the iPad looks like fun and a relaxing way to unwind. Expect Zen Bound for the iPad to drop around April 3, when Apple's tablet goes on sale in the U.S.