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First Samsung Galaxy Gear, Note 3 ad: Annie Lennox, puppet love

In its first attempt to get people excited about its new watch and Note 3, Samsung presents street theater and imagination and inspiration from your everyday life.

Welcome to the show. Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Look around you.

Do you see inspiration? Or do you see squalor? Do you see hope? Or do you see despair?

If it's squalor and despair, that's either because you've been at the Calvados or because you don't have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear watch.

With these, you can turn your surroundings into an art form.

In a charming ad for both its new gadgets, Samsung attempts to prove the point.

Here we have a nice girl with short, blonde hair. She's looking for something to get her out of bed. She reminds me of someone.

Her Note 3 stirs her. She gets out onto the streets. She observes everything around her.

Within seconds, she is an impresario.

It's a world of possibilities, you see. You just have to own the right gadgets to exploit it.

This girl manages to use her Note 3 to, um, take notes. She manages to use her Galaxy Gear as a camera without looking too creepy.

At heart, though, she's an artist. And now that her gadgets have helped her organize her imagination, she's ready to put on a show.

What a show. Dancing puppets that remind me of the brilliant Beck gig where, behind the band, there were puppets mimicking the band's every move.

And then I remember who the girl reminds me of. The music is "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This." She's a young Annie Lennox.

For myself, I find the Galaxy Note 3 a more interesting product than the Gear. The latter seems to have little point. Even in this ad, it informs of a message and takes some footage -- hardly the stuff of legend.

The ad, though, is an imaginative attempt to stir and create the belief in an ideal world.

Yes, it's a world where everyone who comes to your performance just happens to have a Samsung device.