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First products from NEC-Packard Bell

The NEC division of Packard Bell unveiled new PCs and stronger software security.

The newly formed NEC division of Packard Bell today announced a new line of computers aimed at corporations and new software with stronger security, the first products since the merger between the two companies in early June.

The new models in the PowerMate line of computers will be aimed at corporate buyers. An updated version of ClientManager software will be bundled with the computers, featuring new security and virus protection capabilities.

Another feature designed to make the computers easy to maintain is the MagicEye system, which notifies system administrators about overheating, unauthorized chassis changes, and voltage fluctuations.

Under the hood, the new PowerMates will have a new chassis design and either Pentium or Pentium Pro processors. The entry-level PowerMate Ve will come with a 100-MHz Pentium processor, 8MB RAM, 1.2GB hard drive and 1.44 floppy drive at an estimated street price of $1,175.

The top of the line PowerMate Professionals will be available with the 200-MHz Pentium Pro, 32MB of EDO memory, and 1.2GB hard drive at an estimated street price of $3,300. Optional features offered include accelerated 3D and video-enabled graphics, Iomega Zip drive, and NEC 8x CD-ROM drive. NEC is also offering an infrared data transfer interface and integrated Fast Ethernet interface.

NEC expects to ship the new line of products in August this year.

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