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First MP3 player with XM Radio

First MP3 player with XM Radio

Samsung and XM Radio just announced a deal to bring satellite radio content to a series of new MP3 players. These will be two small flash-based MP3/WMA players that can play back XM content recorded to the players with the included home-receiver accessory kit.

To clear up any confusion, you can't actually listen to XM's 150-channel-plus service live unless you have the player hooked up to the home receiver dock or the optional car dock. You can, however, record content in blocks and access it on the go. Recorded material is broken down into individual songs and can be accessed as a single digital audio file or mixed in with MP3s and WMAs.

There are other ways to take XM on the go, such as with the Delphi, Tao, and Pioneer portable receivers, but at heart, the Samsungs will be MP3 players that can be used as true XM receivers within only a car or a home. No details on pricing or capacity yet, but we'll fill you in soon. Both models should be available late this year.