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First minute of new 'X-Files' now available: The clip is out there

Do you still believe? If so, you can get a sneak peek at the new "X-Files" miniseries set to air later this month.

The author still wants to believe. Do you?


Like members of a UFO fan group waiting for a spaceship to touch down in a field, lovers of the Fox TV show "The X-Files" have been waiting for the six-episode reboot of the series to drop on January 24.

The reboot will mark the first time FBI detectives Dana Scully and Fox Mulder have appeared on TV together in an original episode since the show went off the air in May 2002. While we've seen a short documentary and a few different teasers for the show, we haven't seen much in terms of a real clip.

But now, if you visit website, you'll be able to see the first full minute of the new series. (Sorry, Fox and Twentieth Century Fox aren't allowing embedding.)

For longtime fans of the show, finally getting to see the start of the series in advance may, unfortunately, still turn out to be a bit disappointing. What we get is basically a recap of "The X-Files" told in a Mulder voiceover as a series of images from previous cases -- and from Mulder's own childhood, which saw the possible alien abduction of his sister -- are stacked and then set ablaze.

"My name is Fox Mulder," the voiceover says. "Since my childhood I've been obsessed by a controversial global phenomenon." As anyone familiar with Mulder's famous "I Want To Believe" poster that hung in his basement office would know, that obsession is alien life.

"In 1993, the FBI sought to impugn my work," he adds, "by bringing in a scientist and medical doctor to debunk it, which only deepened my obsession for the better part of a decade, during which time that agent, Dana Scully, had her own faith tested."

So there you have it. The UFO-obsessed agent and his impugner are back at it. Will they find the truth this time? I sort of hope not, because if the truth isn't out there any longer, there won't be room for yet another Mulder/Scully reboot somewhere down the line.

If watching the first minute of the new series isn't satisfying enough, you can also create your own "want to believe" poster by clicking the second link on the site. As you can see above, I couldn't resist.

"The X-Files" airs in the US after the NFC Championship football game on Fox on Sunday, January 24, at 7 p.m. Pacific/10 p.m. Eastern. The second episode airs on Fox the following night at 8 p.m. Pacific and Eastern. It will broadcast in the UK, Austria and Germany in February. Information on other countries is not available yet.