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First look: Windows Phone 7 Mango

Microsoft has offered a sneak peek at what we can expect from the next major Windows Phone 7 update, demoing multitasking, an overhauled market and some cool new toys for devs.

CNET Australia staff headshot
CNET Australia staff

Microsoft is wrapping up its MIX 11 developers conference in Las Vegas, where it has unveiled new OS features accessible by 3rd party applications, offering a glimpse at what end-users can expect when the next major Windows Phone update hits in Q3.

The video above shows off a number of enhancements, including the hotly anticipated multitasking and universal search features. There are also plenty of features that should speed up the smartphone experience, like an alphabetical "quick jump" button in the apps list and the ability for a single app to have several context-sensitive Live Tiles on the homescreen. Developers will also gain access to raw camera data and the handset's gyroscope, widening the possibilities for apps in the near future. Some of the apps showcased include an Amazon barcode scanner, Layar augmented reality, Angry Birds and a new Qantas check in app.

The video is 15 minutes long, so if you want to skip ahead you can see demos of the features at the following times:

  • Universal search and app "quick jump": 2:43
  • Marketplace enhancements: 4:30
  • Search extras (apps integrated into standard search results): 5:45
  • Apps using camera, sensors and new Live Tiles: 8:00
  • Multitasking: 10:50
  • Qantas app: 12:20