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First look at 'Wii Fit'

'Wii Fit' will help you work up a sweat, but it's not as smooth and fun a workout as you'd probably like.

Can a video game get you in shape? Nintendo says that Wii Fit will definitely point you in the right direction. With more than 40 exercises and activities, the game helps you keep track of your BMI (body mass index) over a period of time, allowing you to become more aware of your body.

While the game may not have you losing pounds left and right, it'll certainly help you improve your balance and posture--it can even make you work up a sweat.

The Wii Fit package comes with the Wii Fit software and balance board. The board is quite sensitive, with four points of measurement able to sense the slightest of movements. You'll take part in yoga, aerobic, strength training, and balance game exercises all with the help of your virtual personal trainer. The game encourages you to participate in at least one activity a day so that you can more accurately track your progress.

Wii Fit goes on sale May 19 and will retail for $90.

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