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First look at iSkin's Cerulean iPod adapter

Bluetooth addition lets you control your music from across the room.

Controlling your tunes from across the room can be difficult. Now, iSkin's new Cerulean RX+TX Bluetooth solution forgoes the need for a separate remote by using your very own iPod to control your music on an iPod dock connector-enabled device. I got a chance to play around with this tonight, and the big deal here is the range, which is around 100 meters. What's nice is that when you get out of range, the music cuts out completely; there's no distortion or signal loss like you get with some FM transmitters.

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The kit uses two pieces, the TX piece that attaches to the iPod and the RX piece that attaches to the iPod dock connector. Pairing the two is easy, as the dock connection will instantly link with the iPod. If you've got multiple RX pieces, they'll pair up on whichever TX pieces are connected first. The RX will also let you play tunes from Cerulean-enabled phones, meaning you're not limited to using the RX with only one device.

iSkin is aiming to sell the TX and RX bundle for around $130, and it should be available in March. It's a bit much, but so is dealing with wires.