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First iPhone 4 camper ready and waiting (for fame)

A man in Dallas pitches his tent in the hope of being the first to score an iPhone 4.

It's like the first flower of spring. The first beer of the ball game. The first hair that grows beneath your shirt.

Yes, a man has already pitched a tent outside an Apple store in Dallas in the hope of being the first to get his tired, moist hands on the new iPhone 4, which launches June 24.

The Dallas Morning News appears to have been the first to espy the intrepid Justin Waggoner, who hitched his wagon to the sidewalk last Wednesday.

Is he a serial queuer? But of course. He told the Morning News he's camped out for the last two iPhone launches. However, those were mere overnight escapades.

This time he's ready for a whole week of waiting, wondering, and recharging his Apple devices in the store.

At least he seems to be someone who has a certain fondness for Apple. Earlier this year, CNET reported on the fact that Greg Packer, who forced himself to be famous by parking himself outside the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York at every launch, might not be quite the fanboy he would have everyone believe.

Fond of Apple or not, however, Waggoner certainly seems fond of his exposure, as the embedded movie shows. "You'll see me on the news", he tells a passerby. And he told the Morning News: "If you follow the news, you know who I am."

He is keen, though, to establish his fanboy credentials in all the right places. He has posted on the MacRumors forum, where he offered these heartfelt words: "Some would say I am crazy, but I say I'm a very determined fan. In fact I just might be one of the biggest Apple fans you will actually meet. I have been the first customer for this store since 2008 when the iPhone 3G was released."

He added: "Normally I only camp out overnight, but since I do not work due to the fact I am disabled with a seizure disorder and I am not in school at this point, I figure I just make it a fun experience and do it for a week."

You will feel just slightly more at one with your firmament when I tell you that, despite the oppressive Dallas heat, Waggoner is fully equipped for survival. There will be those who might still wonder, with the absence of nearby woods, how he organizes his ablutions.

Well, he helpfully revealed to MacRumors: "There is even a portable toilet around the back of the store if needed."

If needed? Perhaps Waggoner is even more focused, even more dedicated, even more of a fanboy than one might have imagined.