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First Instagram movie trailer is a job for 'Jobs'

Instagram's recent embrace of video has resulted in a short Instagram movie trailer for the upcoming Steve Jobs film.

"Jobs" Instagram trailer
Ashton Kutcher bares half to portray Steve Jobs. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Instagram may not be quite so instant anymore now that it supports video, but that hasn't stopped the marketing juggernaut behind the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic from using the platform to debut what the studio calls the world's first Instagram trailer.

The trailer is 15 seconds worth of dramatic music, slow-motion shots of Ashton Kutcher with a beard, and inspiring dialog about crazy, misfit rebels. It's pretty much like the first full theatrical trailer for the film, except shorter. There's just as much shirtless Kutcher involved, though.

The content of the trailer isn't breaking new ground, but it may well start a trend of super-short movie promo videos on Instagram. It's for people who don't have the patience to watch 60 seconds worth of material on YouTube.

So far, comments on the Instagram trailer have been mostly positive, which may have something to do with the uplifting music. Considering that early critical reviews haven't been extremely favorable (read CNET's take on the movie), the Instagram trailer may be all some people bother to watch.