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First impressions: Sony Bloggie Touch

Sony goes more sophisticated with its latest minicamcorders using a slim metal casing and a 3-inch touch screen.


Flip Video may have been the first out of gate with a touch-screen pocket video camera, but Kodak, Samsung, JVC, and now Sony have followed--all with more compelling packages than Flip's offering. Sony's new Bloggie Touch features a snappy 3-inch touch-screen LCD, an f2.8 lens with auto macro, and full hd 1080p-resolution recording at 30 frames per second.

Sony's past minicamcorders have had "youthful" designs, came in multiple color options, and the devices and packaging were typical of mass-produced electronics--loaded up with stickers, bits of paper, and software discs. The Bloggie Touch, however, has a brushed metal casing and is available in black and silver versions. The packaging is a simple black box and not much else is in it beyond the device. The memory and battery aren't removable; there are 4GB (MHS-TS10) and 8GB (MHS-TS20) versions and the battery is charged by the flip-out USB connector. All software and manuals are embedded in the Bloggie's memory.

The whole thing is a refreshing break from the presentation we're used to seeing from large manufacturers. But, there's more to the Bloggie Touch than looks, so hit the slideshow below to see some hands-on first impressions.

The MHS-TS20 and MHS-TS10 will be available in October for about $200 and $180, respectively.