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First impressions: Palm Treo 750v

First impressions: Palm Treo 750v

Our First Look video of the Palm Treo 750v is up, but I wanted to add a few more thoughts. First, it's really difficult to make a judgment on a product after spending just a few minutes with it, so take this for what it's worth. I can tell you that the device has a sleeker form factor, though that's not as significant as you may think. It's definitely shorter in length (4.4 inches vs. 5.1 inches), but there's no difference in width and it's only 0.1-inch thinner in depth. And as I noted in our 700wx review, with the arrival of sleek smart phones like the Motorola Q and the BlackBerry 8700 series, the Treo is starting to look pretty big. That said, among devices running Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition or those with touch screens, the Treo still offers one of the best form factors out there. And it appears the Treo 750v is set to carry on that tradition. It's easy to use one-handed, and the QWERTY keyboard is pretty decent. We also like the new soft-touch covering that makes it easy to grip. No official word yet on when the 750v will come to the United States. Hmm, while we're at it, we'd also like to know when we'll see a GSM version of the Treo 700 series.