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First horror film shot entirely in Antarctica

What do the members of the British Antarctic Survey team do in their spare time? Make a horror film, of course.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

What do the members of the British Antarctic Survey team do in their spare time? Make a horror film, of course.

We imagine finding things to do in between work hours in the Antarctic can be pretty rough, but a team from the British Antarctic Survey found a way to stave off cabin fever: making a horror film. Called South of Sanity, it follows 14 Antarctic research staff members as something is picking them off one by one.

The script was penned by London doctor Matt Edwards, and shot by Scottish climbing instructor and documentary maker Kirk Watson, both of whom star in the film.

Watson told the Donside Piper, "In the winter, we have some free time, and a project like this is perfect to give people a bit of entertainment and some aims outside day to day work. It's unlike after you finish your job in the UK, where you have to go shopping for groceries or mow the lawn. There is none of this in Antarctica, so we filled some of it making this film."

It does bear a certain similarity to The Thing, but the trailer nevertheless looks intriguing — radiating the kind of interpersonal tension that is a necessity of amateur horror, where the film-makers lack the budget to create the flashy thrills and CG monstrosities of Hollywood.

South of Sanity will premiere on 31 October in Watson's home town of Aviemore, and will be available to buy from his website, Perfect View Productions.

The description of the movie from his website is below.

Routledge research station, Antarctica

Fourteen souls were left to winter over on Britain's largest Antarctic base.

Nearly six months into winter, all contact was lost. When a rescue team was sent into investigate no one was found alive...

Cut off from the outside world, the small community gradually becomes fractured and antagonistic. From out of this dark crucible of malcontent, a killer emerges. In the isolated and disparate group, members are picked off one by one, paranoia ensues and no one is safe.

How do you think it sounds?

Via www.bbc.co.uk