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First full trailer for HBO's 'Silicon Valley' (with Steve Jobs joke)

Having delivered a tiny snippet a couple of weeks ago, HBO now releases a longer trailer for its new Mike Judge-helmed show. The only women are in scant clothing.

Shocked at hearing a Steve Jobs joke. HBO/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

One of the problems in making a comedy about Silicon Valley is that those in tech manage to make the Valley quite laughable without any help.

It's not as if the jokes write themselves. It's that the protagonists are all too happy to write them for the audience.

The excitement, therefore, for HBO's new Mike Judge-helmed comedy "Silicon Valley" -- premiering April 6 -- is to somehow make those jokes seem fresh.

Recently, HBO released a mini-trailer for this new show, which revealed that characters such as women might not be playing a vast role in this possibly "Entourage," possibly "Girls" rendering of life in the digital money pit.

Now, a longer trailer has been released that offers more (of the same) flavor.

Here we get a greater taste of Asperger-type stereotypes, venture capitalist wind, and coder frustration.

The only women in the trailer are dancing onstage in a few pieces of clothing that they will likely soon shed.

Still, they appear to be leaning into their audience, rather than away from them.

But there's also a Steve Jobs joke. You might imagine that Jobs would enjoy rigid reverence among these wannabees.

Yet here's what one character offers: "Jobs was a poser. He didn't even write code."

Will anyone beyond the Valley's hoodie-wearing monastery enjoy these jokes -- or even get them? That is the exciting challenge the creators have set for themselves.

There is an even more exciting challenge, one which the creators of, for example, "The Internship" failed to meet.

How do you make working in the Valley seem like actual fun? Think about it: How often have you seen Mark Zuckerberg smile naturally?